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Návštěvní kniha

Datum: 22.02.2019

Vložil: HarlotsPt

Titulek: Prostitutes

Maybe the danger hit. We take discounts an eye to regular customers and those who take the girl instead of the night. We are not thrilling misguided, we all penetrate, we also get a crisis. Every tom has a crisis.

In days gone by, you came to the sauna for three thousand rubles per hour, stayed there in support of five hours, you were not told the words that you had been good so much an hour, they also gave long green on beat for having a suitable rest. On occasion they invoke as a replacement for an hour and command: “I gave three thousand in return you, do you be conversant with this?” We had this berth: the damsel asked for tea, she was preordained a crone of tea (laughs).

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